About Michelle


I am a creative, energetic empath by nature and I have a heart that wants to help others find joy and fulfillment.

About Me

Personally I enjoy hiking, forest bathing, cooking, listening to records and art. I love to study and continue to improve, filling my bucket over the years with a variety of degrees, as well as skills I have gained from the many conferences and workshops I have attended. I am bilingual, having lived in Monterrey, Mexico while I received by MBA in 1995. From there I had several different jobs and landed in education in 2008 when I taught high school Spanish for six years. While teaching, I started the graduate program in counseling at The University of Texas at San Antonio. In 2014 I graduated and became a high school at-risk counselor where I enjoyed offering my services to students who are at high risk and have a multitude of concerns. Today, I continue to work with middle and high school students as a crisis intervention counselor in an alternative school setting and I offer individual and group counseling to best meet their academic, emotional, mental and social needs. I received my LPC in the Fall of 2018. I opened Consulting By Michelle, PLLC in January of 2020 with the idea of getting to help more people. I offer professional counseling, happiness engineering and public speaking services. Please contact me for more information.